We're better off with Bell.


Big corporations are better off. Why aren’t you?  Read my pledge.

They have bought career-politicians with millions in campaign donations. My opponent even uses corporate handouts for his cell-phone bill, DISH, and $300 meals. In return, our communities are among the poorest in our state. We deserve better representation.

I don’t need big corporate money to run my campaign. And, I’ll donate my legislative salary to worthy causes throughout our district. I know our communities well. As a CPA and business-owner, I’ve worked with almost every healthcare system in our district for decades, helping to keep them open and caring for us.

Over 45 years ago, I volunteered to serve America in the Navy. Now, I’m volunteering again because it’s past time to remove the career-politicians whose judgement is clouded by big corporate money. In Olympia, we don’t need a “Wolf of Wall Street”, we need someone who knows who really pays the bills.

We the People, (not we the corporations) can do better.




VETERANS and SENIOR CITIZENS should not have to choose between medicine and food.

Our YOUNG PEOPLE need a high quality education (K-12, Higher Ed, Apprenticeships) that does not break the bank.

Our CONSTITUTION begins with WE THE PEOPLE, not we the corporations.




Northeastern Washington – Northern Idaho Building & Construction Trades Council

Fuse – Washington

WA St Labor Council - Spokane CLC

U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters L.U. # 44

Washington Education Association

NW Council of Carpenters and Local Union No. 59

Laborers’ Local Union No. 238

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1439

International Union Painters and Allied Trades District No. 5

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 77